About us

 Hi my name is Paul, I bought my first Stafford in 1988 a Brindle dog what a character he was.

His name was Max he was a big boy, we used to go everywhere together.Unfortunatly at the age of 12 Max became poorly and had to be put to sleep,  Taking my boy to the vets  was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, he wasn't just my dog he was my best friend.   

In the year 2000 I met Babs thats my partner now, Babs knew I loved the Staffordshire Bull Terriers

and she wasn't too keen as like other people who have never owned one of these lovely dogs thought they were aggressive.I really missed Max and knew I wanted to get another Stafford.

But I had to try and convince Babs to have one because I had to go on shifts and Babs would have to look after him.

I always wanted a red Stafford but they where hard to come by, Babs was looking through the paper one day and phoned me at work and said there are some red Staffordshire pups advertized in the paper, we went to see these pups and fell in love with a dog the breeder called him Tyson.


Well we bought this lovely pup  and called him Murphy,( Gallant Prince of Henfaes At Gallantstaff) and yes Babs spoils him to death.

Well, after having Murphy Babs loves this breed as much as I do.


We decided to show our boy Murphy and he has done very well in the shows and gained his stud book number.

and he is qualified for Crufts for life.


We wanted to add more staffords to our family, and we bought Amber and Tara.


We mated Murphy and Amber, and on the 11th Octber 2006 Amber gave birth to 4 lovely pups

One Girl and three boys,we kept the little girl and called her Jade.

The three boys in the litter went to lovely homes and we keep in touch with them all.

We started to show jade when she was 6 months and she has had some great results we are very proud of our little girl.


                                                               In  2009

March 2009 Jade give birth to 5 beautiful puppys 2 girls and 3 boys,

Maisie has stayed with us,Dotty has gone to japan to live with a lovely family

 and the boy Red has gone to live in Spain,Rolli lives in Finland and Bertie is living in the UK

We wish them all the very best in their new homes.


                                                               In 2010

Paul took Maisie to her first show at the age of 6.5 months we wish her all the very best.

Maise has qualified for Crufts for 2010 we are very proud of her.

Maisie has also qualified for Crufts 2011 and  gained her KCSBN, which means Maisie is qualified for life.


                                                               In 2011

May 21st 2011 Jade give birth to 5 beautiful pups by C section,4 girls and 1 boy.

Mia is staying with us,Lucy has gone to live in the Southern Ireland and so has Jules,

Ozzie is living in Surrey and Hiski is going to Finland.

We wish them all the very best in their new homes


                                                                In 2012

April 2nd 2012 Maisie gave birth to 5 puppies 4 girls and 1 boy ,unfortunately the boy died 

Holly is living in the Ireland

Millie is living in Ireland

Holly Hog is living in the UK

Grace in living in the UK.

We wish them all the very best in their new homes


                                                               In 2013

November 19 2013 Maisie gave birth to 3 puppies all girls

unfortunately one little girl had to be put to sleep at 4 weeks old,you can see all the details on Maisie and Stans web page

 Milo is living in the UK

Ary is going to live in Spain with her half brother Red

We wish them all the very best in their new homes.



We have decided not to enter anymore shows after Crufts  2013 when a bitch that was limping got the CC and best in show, we thought we are not going to waste our money when this is what a judge picks .

                                                                   In 2013

We decided to try the athletics with Maisie and Conk , and the dogs just love it , we go down to the Cotswold Athletics once a month for the weekend and I wish I had done this years ago,

                                                                    In 2014

Maisie received a cup and a Certificate of Achievement for the most improved dog on the A frame ,

Lets hope she does as well in 2015.


                                                                    In 2015

  Conk gave birth to two beautiful boys, Barkley and Taff, Barkley has gone to a lovely home in Bermuda

  and Taff stayed at hope with us and is very spoilt.

  Taff has been shown by the a few of our friends and qualified for Crufts, now he gos to the athletics and

  loves it. 

                                                                    In 2016

  Our boy Taff and our girl Maisie  gave birth to two boys, Leo and Boris, they both have wonderful homes




 It was a very sad day at the Gallantstaff home in March 2014 our girl Amber was diagnosed  with cancer and had to be put to sleep on the 25th May 2014, Please read Amber;s Rainbow bridge page , we miss Amber so very much,

You are always in our hearts Amber xx  




                                                                     In 2015                                                                

  In 2015   Maisie was ask to join a team from the UK to compete   in the EU Cup,she had never done

   these events before and we are so very  proud what she did, It was a hard course but maisie enjoyed every minute of it well done Maisie xx


In March 2015, Conk gave birth to 2 beautiful Boys.

Taff is staying with us in the UK, Taff is being shown by Gina, he is doing well as he is only a pup but has been in the

cards at every show he has been too.


Barkley has gone to live in Bermuda with a lovely couple and having the time of his life.

We wish Barkley all the very best in his new home .


 On July 30th 2015, was a very very sad day for us and all the people that knew our beautiful boy Murphy, at the age of almost 13 yrs old, Murphy became poorly and was put to sleep,Oh we miss our boy so much Murphy was my first Stafford and my best friend, we have his Daughter Jade here with us and also his granddaughter Conk and Great Grandson  Taff , Murphy has Sons and Daughter in Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic and its always lovely to see photo's of them all,

You can see on  Murphy at Rainbow Bridge some of his memories, You are always in our hearts Murphy, good night God bless







,We live in a small village called Chirk  Nr. Wrexham, Chirk is a lovely little village with many fields and nice people  everybody know us there because of our dogs,

I walk the dogs through the fields trying to dodge the farmers but they always see me Ponder 

They know Im doing no harm .

I can't go up the village with out the dogs, people stop and ask me where are the family today.

Even when the post man comes he bring a treat for them.    

We love our dogs and I think most of our village do as well.

With out our Staffords life would be very sad .