Since the decision at Crufts last year,with the judge's awarding BOB to a limping dog we have decided to give up showing,we have started athletics with Maisie  and  Conk  and they just love it ,you will find some photo's of them both on our website under Maisie and Conk;s page

        Some of Murphy's Achievements at CHAMPIONSHIP  SHOWS



                                              Pet name  MURPHY


Northern Counties  3rd  in Junior. Judge...  Mrs. A. Dick

East Midlands       3rd in Maiden  .Judge...  Mr. M. Clarke .

Crufts 3rd in Graduate .  Judge ... Mr. H. Coble.

West of England  2nd in Sp, Yearling. Judge... Mrs J. Hunter.

Scotland  3rd in Post Graduate. Judge.... Mr. N. Berry.

Three Counties  2nd in Post Graduate. Judge ... Mr. B. Grattidge.

Blackpool 1st in Sp, Yearling.  Judge ..... Mr. J. Finney.

S.W.K.A.  3rd in Post Graduate .  Judge...Mr. R. Pugh.

City of Birmingham 4th in Post Graduate.   Judge....Mr. M. Phillips.

Welks  3rd in Post Graduate .  Judge.... Sarah  Hemstock.

South Wales  4th in Post Graduate.  Judge... Margaret Ward.

Midland Counties 3rd in Post Graduate.   Judge...Mrs. G. Small.

Scotland 1st  in Post Graduate.   Judge.....Mrs. J. Loughborough.

Blackpool  1st in Limit  Judge ... Mr. B. Hunter.

Crufts 2007 2nd in Limit.  Judge....Mrs K. Aspin


Those are some of Murphy's Achievements. at Open and Limit Shows

Merseyside  1st in Puppy and BEST PUPPY in Show  Judge ...Mr. Dickie Austin 

Alyn and Deeside 1st in Junior and 2nd in Graguate   Judge ... Mr M Shufflebothom  

North West  1st in Maiden and 1st in Novice  Judge ..Mr. Martin Grimwood

Merseyside  1st in Maiden and 1st in Novice  Judge.... Mr. Paul Martin

East Midlands  4th Junior Judge ...Mr. Craig Dillon

South Wales   2nd  Junior   Judge...Mr. Steve Tooze

North West 3rd in Junior   Judge...Mrs. E Foy

Potteries    1st in Junior   Judge ...Mr. S Hunt

Cradley Heath   2nd in Junior   Judge... Mr. Andy Jones

Alyn and Deeside  1st in Graduate   Judge....Mr. K Williams

South Wales   4th Post Grad   Judge.... Mr. Ken Morton

Western    3rd in Post Grad   Judge.... Miss Jayne Winrow

Alyn and Deeside   2nd in Post Grad  Judge....Mr. Ws Cambell

North West  4th in Post Grad  Judge.....Mr. Steve Bradder

Potteries   1st in Post Grad   Judge....Mr. I Paterson 

East Midlands   1st in Post Grad  Judge... Mr. Pat Harkin

Alyn and Deeside  1st in Post Grad   Judge... Mr. Dave Wedgewood

North West 3rd  in Post Grad    Judge.....Mrs M Cairns 

Alyn and Deeside  in Post Grad  Judge....Mr. J Thompson 

Merseyside  3rd  in Limit   Judge Amanda  Shipman

East Mid 3rd in Limit  Judge....Mr. Frank Reader

Merseyside 2nd in Limit  Judge....Mr. Gary Hinsley

Merseyside 1st in Open  Judge Mrs. C Kerrigan.

Murphy in his first show in Veteran class at the North West.And really enjoyed him self.

1 st in Veteran .....   Judge Mrs.D Welsh

Matthews and Jones, Gallantstaff Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff,

Dark red dog enjoyed his day out,still very lively and wanted to make sure that the

other dogs knew he was about.

This dog was in super condition and a credit to his owners,

Eye colour was in relation to his coat,lovely expression,neat ears good mouth,

straight frount onto very neat feet.

Good topline held on the move so well down the mat,

Judged him as a youngster and it was great to see this lad again.

Crufts 2010  4th in Veteran  Judge Mr. R Drummond







GALLANT PRINCE  Of  HENFAES at GALLANTSTAFF     Murphy at Crufts  2nd in Limit   2007



                     Pet name      Jade

   Jade's notable Achievements so far .......)

Welsh Kennel Club 5th in Puppy . Steve Rumble (Champ show)

Scotland SBT Club 2nd Puppy . David Lee(Champ Show)

Northern Counties   4th  Puppy . Peter Smith (open Show)

 Northern Counties  2nd Maiden . ""         ""       ""

Western  4th Puppy  3rd Maiden   Patrick McGlynn   (Champ Show)

Potteries  1ST  in Junior           Mr K. Goodwin     (Open Show)

Potteries   1ST  in Novice          Mr. K. Goodwin    (Open Show)

Also BEST BITCH in Show                  Congratulations  I'm Proud Of You 




Merseyside  1ST  in Junior   Judge.....           Ann Dick .       ( Champ Show)    Congratulations 



Alyn and Deeside  1st in Junior  Judge.....Mr. Andy Jones   ( Open )   Congratulations .....


North West     2nd in Junior.......Judge  Miss S Houghton   (Limit show)     Terrific   

Manchester     1st  in Junior ......Judge  Mrs  Sheila  Dootson  ( Champ Show )      First Champ Show for 2008   #1 Trophy  Woohoo 


Morecambe Bay  1st in Junior .......Judge   Leanne  Ferguson     ( Limit show)     You Go Girl 


Potteries   1st in Junior ........Judge.  Penny Funnell        ( Limit Show )      

Custom Smiley






SBTC club  3rd in  Junior  Judge ...Helen Wall

Crufts 2008  4th in Junior   Judge ......Mr.Ivor Keyes.       Woohoo  Bravo little Jade.



Bootle, Crosby & South Liverpool Canine Society.  Judge ..... Mr. Peter Jones.

1st in Junior , Best of Breed and  went on to win Group 2  in the terrier group Judge Mr. Mike Vickers     #1 Trophy  Woohoo 

Shown by Mr. Lister.


National  Terrier  3rd in Junior   Judge ...Mr.S Bradder.  (Champ Show)   Woohoo  Woohoo 

Birmingham Canine  2nd in Post Grad  Judge...... Mrs Ann-Marie   Mc Garath   (Open Show)

West of England    5th in Yearling          Judge.... Mr. George Earle    ( Champ Show )

M/Bay     3rd in  Post Grad         Judge .... Mr. Paddy Christie        (Champ Show )

Birmingham Nat   3rd  in Yearling   Judge  Mr. Bryan Cadogan       ( Champ Show )

Scotland SKC       3rd   in Post Grad    Judge   Mr. George  Fleming   ( Champ Show )

SCCA                  3rd   in Yearling       Judge.   Ann Corns                    ( Champ Show )

Blackpool          3rd  in Sp Yearling    Judge  Mr. B Dootson               ( Champ Show )

Leeds               1st in Post Grad          Judge Barbara Ann Beaufoy      ( Champ Show )




Merseyside   1st  in Post Grad    Judge...Mrs. Val Finney     ( Open Show )

Welsh Kennel Club 2nd  in Post Grad   Judge....Mr. J Beaufoy  ( Champ Show )


Darlington   3rd in Post Grad   Judge .........Mr. Dickie Austin          ( Champ Show)


Midland Counties  4th  in Post Grad   Judge ........Mr. P Willkinson   ( Champ Show )

East Midlands 4th  in Post Grad     Judge..........Mrs. Lesley Mc Fadyan   ( Champ Show )

Staffordshire Bull Terrier  Club    1st  in Post Grad ........     Judge  Gill Mc Dermott  ( open Show )


West Brom Birmingham  1st  in Post Grad ......Judge,   Mr. Andy Draper   ( Open Show )

North West 2nd in Post Grad ....  Judge   Mr. Archie Bryden     ( Champ Show )

Merseyside  2nd in Post Grad .....Judge  Mr. William Mc Knight   ( Champ Show )

Alyn and Deeside  2 nd  in Limit  ... Judge  Mr. J Coats            (Open Show )

Border Union  2nd in Post Grad  .....  Judge Mrs. Wynny Southworth   ( Champ Show ) 

S.W.K.A    4th in Limit    ........Judge . Mrs Jan Hunter    ( Champ Show ).

Crufts 2010 4th in Mid Limit........ Judge Mr.GH Earle    ( Champ )




We are starting to show Jades Daughter Maisie ,at the age of 6.5 months Good Luck   little Girl.

                             Gallantstaff  Precious Gift

                         Pet name      Maisie

Potteries  1st in Minor puppy   .....Judge Mr. T.Taylor    (Open Show

1st Gallanstaff Precious Gift � Very pretty headed baby with a lovely expression. Raw in the body and still a lot to fall into place as it should do with a little time.

Merseyside 5th in Minor Puppy .....Judge Mr. B.Blackley  (Champ )

Midland Counties 2nd in Minor Puppy ... Judge  Mr'Sam Wilkes  ( Champ Show)

 Matthews &Jones� Gallantstaff Precious Gift. Red and white puppy in superb condition, she looked as if she was enjoying herself, nice all round with good front and head, good topline, moved and handled well.

North West  1st in  Minor Puppy ...Judge  Gill Thomas  ( Open )

I Matthews & [ones' Gallantstaff Precious Gift, red, lovely pup with clean 'bite, nice dark eye. Head still to come. Overall build good, topline excellent, moved well.

SBTC   2 nd   in  Minor Puppy .... Judge Mr,Max King  (Open )

Matthews & Jones . Gallantstaff Precious Gift. more forward than one,strong head with broad skull

and strong muzzle and underjaw,moved well.

West Brom & Wednesbury 1st in Minor Puppy also Best Puppy in Breed  ( Open )

And went on to get Group One in the Terrier Group  #1 Trophy  Woohoo!  Bravo! 

This is  her critique from the Judge Mrs Elain Bruton
1st Mathews & Jones� Gallantstaff Precious Gift. Red. Nice head shape with dark correctly shaped/placed eyes. Neat ears, has a good bite with a strong muzzle, clean lipped, straight front and correct shoulder placement. She has a good lift of leg with good feet. Topline is level whilst standing and on the move, with a good bend of stifle and correct tail set. Coat is short and dense. Moved and handled well. BPIB and later Group 1 in the Terrier Group .
Stourbridge . 1 st in Puppy ...Judge Mrs. T Morrell  ( Open )
Also went on to win Best Puppy in Breed.
1ST GALLANTSTAFF PRECIOUS GIFT. Red with white chest 9 months old puppy bitch. The prettiest of pups. Lovely head shape, with round dark eye giving a really alert expression. Clean lipped with correct bite. Straight front with nice body outline when viewed from all angles. Level topline kept on the move. BP
January 2010
Alyn and Deeside 1st in Puppy class..Judge   Mr. Robbie Smith ( open )
also went on to win Best Puppy Bitch,
And also won Best Puppy in in Show.
1st: Matthews & Jones Gallentstaff Precious Gift
A promising red bitch, not over done. A nice blend of bull and terrier. Nice clean feminine head with a good expression. Good pigmentation, correct dentition. Plenty of lift, nice straight front, enough bone, correct length of neck. Level topline which remained so when on the move. Good bend of stifle all set off with correct tail carriage. Moved purposely and effortlessly along the mat. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.
January 2010 first Champion show of the year.
Manchester  1st in Puppy ... Judge Mr. Harry Coble (Qualified for Crufts for 2011 )     Woohoo! 
1 Matthews & Jones� Gallantstaff Precious Gift, top size red, very mature for age. Head shape OK with strong muzzle, dark eyes set to look ahead, correct bite, good pigmentation throughout. Moved and handled well

E.M.SBT Club  1st in Puppy ....Judge Mr.Jamie Smith              ( Limit )
Liverpool Terrier  1st in Puppy and Best Puppy in Breed, ...Judge Karen Stockley  ( Open )
Crufts 2010 not placed
North West  5th  in Junior  ...    Judge   Carole Atherton  ( Champ Show )
National Terrier not placed  ..... Judge  Mr. Colin Powel   ( Champ Show )
National Terrier  3 rd  in Novice  ...
South Wales  SBTC  1st in Junior .... Judge Miss jackie Smart  ( open show )
also 1st in Maiden 
Merseyside SBTC   1st in Junior  .. Judge Mr. Roy Needham  ( limit show )
Also went on the win Reserve best Bitch.
Matthews and Jones 1st and RBB Gallantstaff Precious Gift
Red and white bitch who I see is sired by my BIS winner
Has a lot of Attributes
Lovely clean head with the darkest of eyes, good pigmentation ,good front and bone.
Nice body shape with strong quarters, moved well with level topline
Another with a bright future ahead, RBB
East Midland SBTC  5th in Junior .... Mr.Peter Leyland    ( open show )
also 1st in Novice1st Gallanstaff Precious Gift

Red and white with a lovely coat, handled well, feminine and a pleasure to go over
Welks  1st in Junior  ... judge Mr. Paul Wilkinson    ( Champ Show )
!st Mathtews and Jones Gallantstaff Precious Gift
Very nice type, keen expression, short back,very good top line,and good body.
Moved well lovely Profile







    Natinal Terier 1st in Junior............ Judge Mr. Gerald Westwood ( Champ Show )

    also 2nd in Novice

    Border Union  2nd in Junior ........Judge Ann Dick       ( Champ Show )

    Blackpool     5th in Junior ........  Judge  Tommy Curd         ( Champ Show )

    North East    1st  in Junior ...... Judge   Mrs. Wynny Southworth   ( Champ Show)

 1 Matthews & Jones� Gallantstaff Precious Gift. Red and white of substance. Good head, dark eye, mouth, ears, front and feet. Handler tends to stand front too wide. Short coupled, good rear, can move well,

    Potteries  SBT Club    2nd in Limit ...Judge Mr. Andy Stewart,  (Limit Show )


 2nd Matthews & Jones Gallantstaff Precious Gift (Red)
Well put together ,good body ,good rib, short coupled ,level topline ,strong back end ,nice front ,feet, neat ears
.Showed in good condition
Crufts 2011 5th in Mid Limit  Judge ..... Maureen Ward  ( Champ Show ) 

 Southeren Counties   1st in Post Graduate  Judge Paddy Christey (Champ Show ) 

  1 Matthews & Jones' Gallantstaff Precious Gift red/white,

 very tidy girl lots too like super head chisel head, good underjaw, with scissor bite, dark round eyes, neat ears, pigment good, well padded feet up on pasterns, well sprung rib, well let down hocks, good muscles on hind quaters, moved with drive and level topline, handled well                





Cheshire County Show Judge Mrs K Ford 21st June 2011   (open show )
1st Matthews & Jones Gallantstaff Precious Gift R/W bitch eye catching bitch had a lovely dk eye and gd bite, good top line,
 good muscled hind quarters, moved with drive,neat ear carriage pushed hard for BOB, RBOB


Welsh Kennel Club ..  Judge Mr. John Bunting  3rd in Limit ( Gained her Stud Book Number )  Champ show

North of Scotland ..... Judge Mr. Bert Emmett  5th in Limit  ( Champ show )


Potteries SBT Club ....... Judge Mr Stuart  Foster 2nd in Limit (Open Show )

Best class of the day.

Gallantstaff Precious Gift
Red with white, feminine top size bitch with clean head shape, dark eye, nice rose ears and pleasing expression. She has a good straight front, good shoulder placement, ample spring of rib, good tuck up and level topline. Moved and handled well.


 We stopped showing our dogs in 2013 due to the decisions that were made at Crufts 2013, placing a lame 

  bitch and giving her the CC and best of breed, with that decision we decided enough was enough and stopped

  spend any more money, this wasn't the first time decisions have made like this. 


                                     Gallantstaff Celtic Sword

                                                               Pet name Taff

       Taff has been shown a few times by friends and has qualified for Crufts, But Taff loves the athletics better.