Good night Amber and God bless xxx






                                Benlui  Celtic  Queen at  Gallantstaff

                           Born 29/12/04 

                      Passed away   25/5 /2014



   We loved you so much and are going to miss you, until

    we meet again Amber and we will be as one again.

   It has been 12 month the 25th May 2015 since we lost our beautiful girl Amber, and it still hurts so very much, all the funny things we used to do together are still in our hearts, we have so many good memories of you Amber and will cherish them for ever,


       Our beautiful girl Amber would have been 10 years old

                             on the 29th December 2014, 

                       Happy Birthday Beautiful Amber xxxx

                                  We miss you so much








                  It is a very sad day at the Gallantstaff home today.

  On the 25th May 2014  our beautiful girl Amber left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge, as many of you following Gallantstaff would have read Amber was diagnosed with Cancer in March 2014.

 Amber has been a very brave girl,but the last couple of days our little girl had been struggling, we knew it was time to say goodnight to our beautiful girl Amber.

 Amber looked at me and  Paul the morning of the 25th May and as if she was saying mummy Im ready now,

 Oh I have never cried so much, the thought of us saying goodbye to our beautiful girl was killing us.

We took Amber in her favourite field for the last time,and then made that difficult journey to the vets.

We stayed with Amber and gave our girl lots of hugs and kisses and said our goodbyes as she went to sleep.

Thank you granny Amber for the 9 precious years of happiness you shared with us and all the love you gave us .

Goodnight and God bless Amber we will miss you so very much.

Until we meet again Sweetheart.

  love Mum  and  Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





       Amber's  Son's , Murphy junior, Bruno, Frankie and her only daughter Jade






                               For our beautiful Girl Amber

                         They say memories are golden

                              Well maybe that’s true.

                              We never wanted memories

                              We only wanted you.

                              If love alone could have saved you

                              You never would have died

                              In life we loved you dearly

                              In death we love you still

                              In our heart we hold a place

                              No one could ever fill.

                              If tears could build a stairway

                              And heartache make a lane

                             We would walk the path of heaven

                             And bring you back home again.

                             Our family chain is broken

                             And nothing seems the same

                             But as we are called one by one

                             The chain will link again

                             Sleep tight darling Amber

                                  Love you always

                  Mum,Dad,Murphy,Jade,Tara,Maisie and Conk
















                                                For you my Darling Amber



                                               We lost our treasured friend today,

                                    Our little Amber who used to lay

                                    Her gentle head upon my knee

                                   And share her silent thoughts with me

                                   She'll come no longer to my call

                                   Retrieve no more her favourite ball

                                   A voice far greater than my own

                                  Has called her to his golden throne

                                 And though my eyes are filled with tears

                                 I thank him for the happy years

                                He let you spend down here with me

                                And for your love and loyalty.

                                                  Love Mum xx



                           Thank you Jimmy Mc Cafferty for your lovely words



                              She was a Gallantstaff Girl
                              Steadfast and true
                              My beautiful Amber
                              We were blessed to have you

                              When you were younger
                              You were so fleet of foot
                              So proud and graceful
                              Those years were a hoot

                              Those silly traits
                              That made you different from all
                             After having a drink
                             Using our legs as a towel

                             We have so many memories
                             All those years we were one
                             Now Granny Amber
                             Those special days are done

                             They will not be forgotten
                             Neither Amber will you
                             There is a place in our hearts
                             Carved specifically by you

                              Sleep tight Granny Amber
                              Dream lots of sweet dreams
                              Always remember your reign
                              As The Gallantstaff Queen.

   With the greatest love and respect for Amber, and her proud owners Babs and Paul.



                                         Amber at 9 weeks old with Murphy    




       A few photo's of our beautiful Amber's last days with us and some in  her favourite  field








                                    Amber still loved looking for cats by the big tree   







               Amber  a couple of years ago, she was such a beautiful girl


  Amber loved standing on the edge of the big pool but didn't like going in it, she used to have her own little pool were she would try catching fish,oh she was so funny to watch,bless her





    Amber loved her little pool, she found a frog in it one morning and she played with it for ages 






                                              Amber with her Great Granddaughter