Gallant Prince of Henaes at Gallantstaff







             Benlui Celtic  Queen at Gallantstaff






       Amber with her pups born on the 11th October 2006         





         Jade,  Teddy     Frankie,  Teddy   Murphy Junior,  Teddy   and    Bruno.  Teddy  







                                                            Pups 6 weeks old           






                                        Murphy Junior                                                           Bruno      




                                            Jade                                                                   Frankie






                       Now listen, Im your daddy and you have to be good when Im about. Daddy Loves You 





                                                          Jade has her own page





                                                                 Jade always smiling   In Love 




                                                              Murphy Junior                       




                                                            Murphy Junior 2017/18



















                                           Murphy Junior with his little brother

                                         January 2015


                     Murphy Junior having cuddles from Daddy



              Happy 8th Murphy Junior hope you have a lovely day xxx




       Murphy J came down to see us all in August 2014,he is such a happy boy and full

  of life and his mum and dad spoil him so much. thank you Stephen and Sarah for

  bringing Murphy J to visit again.




                                      Murphy Junior has some news for us all




                                             Murphy Junior    December 2012  

                       Murphy Junior is learning to play the drums like his Daddy










                                                Me and dad on the train,this is good   Hi 




  Oh, Murphy is with his daddy at work again,doesn't look like your doing much work Murphy J ,  Shocked 




               Murphy Junior came to visit us with his daddy Steve and mummy Sarah August 2010

                                                         Here he is playing in the field



And then he was a swim lol



                 Murphy Junior almost 4 years old, looking more like his daddy everyday



                                  Murphy Junior going on a trip on the bus with his Daddy









Murphy Junior on his holidays with his Mum and Dad Steve and Sarah.

Steve and Sarah brought Murphy Junior to see us on their way to their holidays, It was great to see him he was in fantastic condition and looks so much like his dad Murphy . Thank you Both XX

              Steve said he was going to see if Murphy J could swim so here he is... Swimmer 


                                    Great  Great  Great GOOD BOY MURPHY JUNIOR



               This is Murphy J showing how much he loves his mum. I Love You Too The Stafford Kiss





I have just been sent a couple of pics of the lovely Murphy Junior, his daddy has just come home after working away and you can tell Murphy J is very happy that Steve is back.


                                           Here he is with his mummy Sarah off for a walk.


Thank you both for sending us the pics of the beautiful Murphy J, he's looking more like his dad Murphy every day.     Big Hug 


                                            Murphy J having lots of hugs and kisses from his mummy

Im showing my belly off again  Blushy



                                     Its my turn to sit and relax now   Couch Potato 


                                     Mummy Sarah taking Murphy J for a walk  , This is great mum .



                                                       Murphy Junior with his daddy at work

                                                     Come on dad, lets send mum an email Computer 


                           I just love going to work with my dad    Troop Smiley 1  Tank 1   


                                                  Dad come on we have to go to work in the truck





               It is our day off today so my dad took me on a boat, it was great  Cruising 

                                                     Sand I Love You    Mum and Dad 


                                                        Do you think I look cute  Teddy Bear 


                                                     Murphy Junior just relaxing


                                Murphy Junior came to visit and to thank us for his birthday card.

                                   Murphy J having fun on the tugger and the boomer ball








                                                What a handsome boy you are Murphy J xx









                                                            Photos of Frankie 2018



                          It was lovely to get a photo of Frankie he is 11 years old now






Frankie came to visit, we haven't seen him for a while, he cam with his Mummy and Daddy and their baby Mason.

It was lovely to see Frankie he's still the same lovable friendly boy Blow Kiss











           Frankie age 6 months. Frankie with his new mummy and daddy Danny and Jade in Wrexham




Frankie7 months old





                    Fankie came to see us on Saturday, we haven't seen him for a couple of months.

                              It was lovely to see him and he gave me a great welcome .

                                                         Fankie 12 months old



                                                          Come in my little boy Circle Of Hearts

I just Dream Kiss 2couldn't stop kissing him. Frankie is soo layed back all he wants to do is love you.



                                         Frankie and Jade I think they love each other


Frankie's Daddy is thinking of showing Fankie in 2008 Woohoothis is Frankie learning how to stand ready for the shows.

good luck for 2008 Blow Kiss


                                      Paul teaching me how to Stand Well Done



     Well Im off home with my Mummy and Daddy, I had a lovely day with my sister Jade.


                                         Thank you for letting me visit again Bouquet Waving




                                         Frankie at his first show at Alyn and Deeside Jan. 08



                                             Frankie well done Double Kiss Way To Go



                Unfortunately Fankie's daddy is unable to carry on with the shows because of his work. Crying 1

                  Fankie enjoyed going with his brother and sister to the show's, and he was always in the cards.







            Bruno age 6 months. Bruno live with his new Daddy Barry in Froncysyllte Nr. Llangollen.




                                                     Bruno 12 years old  in October   2018






                                                      A few photos of Bruno July 2017









                                                                      Bruno's first Show



                                         Snappy Bruno just loves having his photo taken




                                                     Bruno at the Potteries Chanp Show

                                                           Waiting for the judge








                                        Bruno having a go on the spring pole  Jumping Jacks


 I am visiting my sister and they have got a little pool ,this is great fun  In The Pool          I must ask my dad if he will buy me one  Please  I'm Begging You                                                                                 




Now I have to practising my standing ready for a show, then If I do it right I can go back in the pool  Well Done 


                                                   I hope my daddy will buy me one   Fingers Crossed 

                                                       Water Polo  

It's me again Iv come to play with my sister Jade, well that's what they think, but Iv only come to go in the pool really  Belly Laugh 


My dad did buy me one but I broke it ,   No  No and he wont buy me another one  Pouty  Sorry 





                       I went to visit Bruno ,every time I see him he's always the same happy and full of life.


                                                    Bruno with his best friend Rosco