Amber & Tara


                     Benlui  Celtic  Queen at  Gallantstaff..


                                                              Pet name Amber

                                                                      D.O.B. 29.12.04


                       Sire. Herodotus  Sodamtuff. JW


             Dam Jaystaff  Drennans Cherub at Benlui  


   Amber was  diagnosed on the 17th March 2014 with Cancer,sadly on the 25th May 2014 Amber went to Rainbow Bridge,it was a very sad day at the Gallantstaff home,

Please go to the link Rainbow Bridge were you can see our tribute to our beautiful Girl Amber xx







  On the 17th March, we had some very bad new, our beautiful girl was

  diagnosed with cancer, we are just devastated .

  Amber ,she had like a cough well it wasn't a cough it was more like it was something stuck in her throat, we took her to the vets 3 times and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with her apart from the glands were swollen, they put her on antibiotics ,the first time we went, then they changed them to different ones, she was still not much better, so the third time we took her, they said her glands were still a little swollen and they gave us more antibiotics and some tablets to clear the air ways, after a couple of days still not much improvement so we asked for her to have an x-ray, it showed she had cancer, we then asked for the results to go to Liverpool hospital were they confirmed it was cancer of the lung,

They told us they could operate but its a very big operation and they couldn't tell us if she would pull through it and if they might find  it had spread, they also told us if she did have the op she could live up to 12 months but no guarantees.
Our vet advised us not to go through with the operation,
me and Paul have thought long and hard ,we know it will cost lots of money to operate but that doesn't matter, but after talking to the vets again she could be poorly for a couple of months after the operation or wouldn't even come through it.
Amber still enjoys a walk in the fields, we take her every day with Murphy and she still loves running and she is eating well,so we thought let her have her time with us a happy time, she has lost a little of her muscle and the last couple of days she is sleeping a little more but still happy, She has been coughing up some blood but not a lot so far, We don't want her to suffer, so when the time come she doesn't want to go for a walk or she cant eat then its time we say goodnight to our little girl, 
                                              Amber's last walk it was heart breaking









                                                Amber  9 years old December 2013

                  Love Mum ,Dad ,Murphy Jade Tara,Maisie and Conk


                           Amber with her Great Granddaughter  Ary




                                               Amber 8 years old December 2012





                                                                    Always having fun    



                                                                Mother and Daughter



                                                                3 Generations

     Jade Daughter of Amber, Maisie Granddaughter of Amber ,Amber and Amber's Granddaughter Conk 


                           Amber will be 5 years old this year and she is still as pretty now,  








                                       Amber's saying I can get into the pool all be my self   











                                         Let me play with you mummy, I'm a big girl now ,  


                                                         No   Jade play on your own



                 Just look at my dirty face, mum can tell Iv been digging the garden for her   







It's that time of year when mum gets the swimming pool out it's not very big but mum is working on dad to buy a  new one,  the trouble is he hasn't agreed to it yet. 

Mum has put the pool by our spring pole  so now Im    



                      Now look who has come my daughter Jade, everything I do she has to do    


                                                      Amber in her whelping box


                 Amber and her 4 pups 1 girl and 3 boys  In Love  In Love well done Amber











                                             I will just sit here till mum puts the sweats back     


                                                                   Amber thinks she a frog   




                    Amber watching a cat  across the road, I hope he doesn't come down our drive



                                  This is hard work,   If I don't run fast Murphy will get the ball   





                                                      I think I need a little rest Iv been      




Everyday we take the dogs in the field  and after they have a good run we take them for a drink to this water trough the farmer keeps in the field.

Well, today Amber went to the trough to have her drink      


                                Then Amber decided  that she wanted more than a drink    


                           what happens next  ................ yes , Amber  thought she would have a bath     


          Jade is saying, Mummy that's not a bath, that is for the cows  to drink out of  Silly Mummy



                                           Mum I'm not in the mood to have my photo taken



                                                       Iv been running so much I need a rest 




                      Amber playing with the Boomer Ball she loves it but she makes alot of  noise                                                      


                                                       Mum Amber and Daughter Jade 


                                                           Amber's always Happy




I like Tara, well mum calls her momo we are best friends   she doesn't get on my nerves like Jade does


                                                            Amber at 12 months old





                      My dad supports Liver pool and he has bought me a Liverpool shirt


                                                                 Amber at 7 months






                                                        Amber at 8 weeks with Murphy




                           Steven Garard was kind enough to send us this signed photo  




                                              This is our girl Tara   

                              ( Seastaff Wild  Honey  at Gallantstaff )   

                                                     D.O.B 01.10.05

                                                        Sire. CH. Jackstaff  Fasination.

                                                          Dam . Stokes  Red Rose  



                                 More photo's of Tara on the Gallantstaff Gang page                    



















                            Wishing our lovely girl Tara a very Happy 9th Birthday



                                      Tara looking after Jade she is lovely when she's a sleep    


         Me and Jade went with mum and dad today to a pub, dad said he will take Amber and Murphy next weeek.

                             We had a lovely time and dad said he would show us the boats.


                                                                      Giving dad a kiss  




                                                              Look at those boats







                                       And here are some photo's   mum took  of me on our day out.









                                      I Just love going in the field for my run , but I'm always last    




                                             This is hard work, I think I will have a break



                                           My dad teaching me how to stand like Murphy      





                                                               Why wont nobody play with me   


                                                                   look everyone I can smile    






                                                                    Mum says Im a pretty girl    





                                                      I like the Boomer Ball  it will keep me fit  






Me and Amber behind bars mum said she is cleaning so we have to wait it wont be long till we mess it all up again 


                                               It wasn't me mum it was Jade who made all that mess  



                                                            I'm such a pretty girl,   ( am I )   




                                                                   Im a clever girl I can fly