Blazinstaff Light my Fire  X Gallantstaff Welsh N' Proud







                                                    Taff                                    Barkley


   Conk had a beautiful litter on the 31st March 2015 of 3, 2 boys and 1 girl, unfortunately the little girl didn't make it.



                               Gallantstaff Celtic Sword

                             pet name  Taff


      I have my own page because im staying with my mummy Conk



                              Gallantstaff The High Life

                                       Pet name Barkley








               Im all dressed up because Im going out for dinner with my mummy and daddy




                             This is my new friend mr, Piggy  





                                 Thank you my family Gallantstaff for my Christmas card










                                Barkley playing with his new friend



               Barkley is so loved my Mummy Alex and Daddy Ben



                   What have you done to your duck Barkley lol       


                   Looks like Barkley has done something naughty lol 


                         Barkley going for a drive with Mummy Alex



                        Barkley having Christmas on Bermuda beach





       We have our Christmas tree up ,not long now until Santa comes


        Congratulations Barkley for passing your  Life skills 1 training  

         we are so proud of you xx


                             The water looks a bit ruff today dad


     My daddy Ben takes me to dog school and everyone says I'm the best.



       Mummy and Daddy  spoil me so much ,I was 6 months today and

        mummy made me a cake, I love my mummy and daddy xx


                      Looks like Barkley is enjoying his cake xx


                                    I'm the king of my house lol


                                  I'm getting a big boy now


          Well I think Barkley has been busy today as you can see lol


                                 Look at all these bananas yum yum


                   Barkley having friends around to have a play


                         Barkley off for a drive with mummy Alex



                  What a good life Barkley has with Ben and Alex



                                                      Barkley is his new life Jacket


                                                      Look at that smile just beautiful


                         Barkley off for a walk his mummy Alex


                     Barkley on his first boat trip with Daddy Ben



                                 The handsome Barkley


                              Barkley has made a new friend

                                     Little and Large lol   


          Mum and Dad have taken me down to the beach, its lovely


                                This is me and my Mummy Alex


                 Barkley has settled in Bermuda with Alex and Ben


      This is my Grandma's garden I have lots of grass here to play on


                       You have a king size bed there Barkley xx


                                  And I have my own chair





   Barkley is going to live with a lovely couple Alex and Ben who live in Bermuda, he is going to be so spoilt .

 We would like to thank Alex and Ben for giving Barkley a loving forever home

 and wish them all the very best with their little man Barkley

 Barkley has arrived in Bermuda and is happy with Alex and Ben his new family.



   Barkley is off to Colchester before flying out to his new home in Bermuda



                Barkley at Fetchapet with Rachel and the staff

Barkley working in the office   and he has made friends with the office cat



                       The Gallantstaff Brothers  9 weeks old


  Taffy on the left is staying with us and Barkley is off to his new home in Bermuda  


            Shall we go in Barkley                      Is it cold Tara


                                       The boys 8 weeks old

     A family photo, from the left Conk Mother of the boys  then Jade the pups Grandma and at the end Great Granddad Murphy



                     This is Taff                                                 This is Barkley    


              Peace at last                                            Give us a kiss Grandma Jade


                                               Mum he is hurting me lol


               Pups have found their feet and getting naughty now lol


  Have you got some milk Grandma            OK  I will give you a kiss xx


  Looks like a new mat soon                          and new slippers



        The boys are trying fresh mince      



                                           Having a play   



                              The boys almost 4 weeks old xx


                           Maisie with Conk looking at Conks babies



         We have called this little one Bill, until his new owners name him


                          And this little boy we have named Ben


                                Bill and Ben 3 weeks old



       Conk just loves her babies and she has been a fantastic mummy



                             Conk and her boys 18 days old  


                                                       The two boys at 2 days old       










                                            The boys Bill and Ben