. Gallantstaff Pleasant Gift

                                   showing in the UK

                                                                    D.O.B.  11.10.06.

                                            Sire. Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff


                                        Dam. Benlui Celtic Queen at Gallantstaff.







                        You can find more photo's of Jade on the Gallantstaff Gang page

                                   Happy 11th Birthday Jade, love you so very much xx







                                       Jade with her Daughter Conk, June 2013




                              Jade with her daughter Conk and Jade's mum Amber




                                         Jade 2012 she will be 6 yrs old in October





                                   Jade with her two Daughter and her Mummy



                                         Jade with her two Daughter Mia and Maisie




 We would like to thank Margriet Adema from Holland for this beautiful   painting of our Girl Jade



                                                   Jade's and Rudi's babies are here,

                                                 Jade had a C Section 1 boy and 4 girls

                                                        Well done Jade ,we love you     



                                                               No mum their not ready yet



                                                                    Jade is having babies



       Jade with her Mummy Amber and Daughter Maisie            Jade with Tara                                     



                                      Jade looking at the cat , saying get out of our garden






                                             Jade is just like her mummy always smiling    







                                                                    Jade at Crufts 2010

                                                     Jade came 4th in her class at Crufts 




















                                                                This is my Daughter Maisie

                                      People think Maisie looks like me,what do you think ?







                                                           My Mummy and my Daddy






Mum and dad have bought us a new pool it is deep so we have to have a life jacket untill we get used to it




My babies have gone to their new families now, so now I have to get fit again ready for the show's   



                     I'm a big  girl now                 I'm a mum , I have had some beautiful little babies.



These are my babies 2 girls and 3 boys you can see all my babies in  Jade and Phoenix Paragraph.





                                         I can sleep anywhere when I am tiered  



            Mum and Dad took me and Tara to a nice pub today by the canal it was great,

                                          We didn't have any beer,   Mum wouldn't let us









                          I think dad has gone for another pint   good job mum is driving



                                                            Then we went to see a boat  



                          Come on Tara lets go on the boat, no Jade we will get told off 


                         Hello              mum are you shouting me,is my dinner ready                                                                



                                              I Wove You        Jade just loves her mummy








       I love my new toy ,I have to carry it with me because if the others get it they will brake it   and then I will cry







                                                  I am doing my work out with my dad      















                                                   Me and my daddy  Murphy Daddy






Mum and Dad take us for a run in the field and Amber that's my real mummy she gets in the trough to cool down I couldn't get in so I just

used to have a drink, but look  now I can do what my mummy does.        


                                         Jade can't I do anything with out you copying     




   Jade is just like her mum always climbing and looking through the window,to see if she is missing    anything  



                                                               Are my ears dirty Mummy     





             This is Frankie my other brother, he has come to visit     Jade Iv come to see you.                                                               



                         I hope he comes again soon because he doesn't boss me about like Bruno does. 



                                  I'm practicing my standing for the shows, I'm getting good now 


                                               Dad said I have to put my ears forward 


                                                         And look to the front, What next. 



                                                           Photos of me at the Shows

     This is me and my brother Bruno at a Champion Show,I have to tell him what to do

                                           Bruno. We both Qualified for CRUFTS                                                                                                                                                      2008


                                                                     Little and Large  


                                                          Jade at her first Champion Show


                                               Jade had a great day at the potteries Open Show      

                                                   She came 1st in Junior,    1st  in Novice ,  

                                                                  And Best Bitch in Show     


                                        This is Jade at the Champion Show at Merseyside.

                                                                  Jade came 1st in Junior     


                                             Jade came 1st in Junior at Alyn and Deeside  





                                        Jade came first in Junior  at Manchester Champ Show,     

                                                                        Qualified for 2009



                                                Jade came first in Junior at Morcambe Bay    


                                        Another 1 st for Jade in Junior at the Potteries      



                                                           This is little Jade at Crufts 2008

                                                                     She came 4th in Junior      


 The final  line up              Jade at Leeds Champ Show, 1st In Post Grad                





                                                               What a cute litle girl Jade is






                                                     Just look at this pretty face xxxxx