Jade and Rudi's Pups


                             Beating Beating The  Proud  Parents Beating Beating

   Gallantstaff Pleasant Gift x Jodel's Adagio

   Jade gave birth to 4 Girls and 1 boy by C  Section   

                        Born 21st May 2011






                      I Love You     Teddy            Teddy         Teddy               Teddy                Teddy                   I Love You


     From left to right with 3 of the pups Mia ,Ozzie and Hiski is Maisie ( half sister ) Jade (Mother)

                      And Amber ( Grandmother )




               Paul and I would like to say a big thank you to all the new owners of our

                     Gallantstaff Pups for giving them a happy and loving home.


                                     TeddyGallantstaff Red Diamond Teddy





                  We have some wonderful photo's  from Mark and Ozzie and Sophie





                                                        I just love this photo

                                                           September 2015


                                  Everywhere Sophie  goes Ozzie is always with her



                                                           Happy 4th Birthday Ozzie




                             Love this photo, Sophie and Ozzie watching the cats



                                     Don't worry Ozzie Im not going to bed yet



                            Its cold out today so me and Sophie  have our warm coats on


                                          Nurse Sophie with her little helper Ozzie

                                                        November 2014



                                                                   August 2014



                                                               July 32014

                       Ozzie with her very best friend Sophie waiting for the bin man lol




                     Happy 3th Birthday Ozzie from all at Gallantstaff


                                          Ozzie and her lovely Family April 2014



                                              Ozzie  is so interested in something



                                      Come down here cat and play lol



                                                   Ozzie's best friend Sophie




                                                 February 2014 Ozzie and Sophie




                                    You are my best friend Ozzie and I love you



                                              This is a good program Sophie  





                                    Ozzie with best friend Sophie 2013






                  You have the wrong shirt on Ozzie your Welsh lol




                                                 Ozzie  January 2013





                                  November 2012



        Photo's taken October 2012,Ozzie at 17 months old

                        Ozzie with Sophie the new baby



                          Ozzie with her friends





                          Ozzie  at 16  months old


                                         This is Ozzie Clebrating the Queens 60th Jubilee



                                                        Birthday Candles Birthday Card

                      Happy 1st Birthday Ozzie, we just love your party hat



                                 And you had a Birthday cake you lucky girl xx



      Oh dear Im not to go passed this sign        Me and Dad celebrating Chelsea win   ,thats stupid                                                                        great




                                       Ozzie at 10 months Ozzie with her Mummy







          My Mummy and Daddy have been away to get married so I have been staying with my friends

                                    I had a lovely time and hope to see my friends again soon.



                                                 I love this photo Ozzie with her friends



                      Christmas 2011 with my Mummy and Daddy and their Family


                                   Oh I look so stupid with this hat on,dont laugh at me



                    Oh This is more like it I have got the whole Turkey to my self lol



                     Its geting cold now so my Daddy has made a lovely fire for me to lie by .


                                                              Ozzie 4 months old




                                                                This is my new friend


                                                                 Bye bye Crying Into Tissue

               Ozzie has gone to live in Surrey with a lovely couple Mark and Joanne

                     Ozzie is going to be so spoilt,we wish you both all the very Best with Ozzie



    Ozzie says when you get older we will play together This is good fun I played this with my brother and sister



                              I dont think I should have dads slipper Im just chilling in the sun Sun Sun

                              my posh food bowls When Im older I can have a drink of beer,

                                                   off my Daddy Bottoms Up


                                                                This is my new Mummy



                                 Ozzie in her new bed in Surrey I have a nice garden to play in




                                  Teddy Gallantstaff Equinox Teddy





                                                             Hiski's Results

                                Lonkat/Hips A/A
                                          Kyyn�r�t/Elbows 1/1

                                          Silm�t/Eyes OK
                                           Polvet/Knees 0/0 




                              Photos of Hiski   from 2016/17/18

                           And look Hiski is on the Finland stamps your famous Hiski









        Happy 5th Birthday Hiski, we can see you have had a lovely part and a beautiful cake ,you are such a lucky boy to have Mummy Pirkko and daddy Markku




                                                                    Just beautiful


                                                     Hiski is such a very handsome boy




                             A beautiful expression Hiski



                   Im such a handsome boy don't you all think xx


       I can see more up here lol


                    I love my daddy xx                                  I have a new toy but I need some sleep its been a hard day 



       Playing with my family                                Can we have some more please



                                 July 2015


                           The beautiful Hiski may 2015



                              Happy 4th Birthday Hiski



                                 Photo's 2015

             Hiski has had a lovely Birthday Party with all his friends



         Hellu Birthday Party                                                   Did you shout me Dad

                   The very handsome Hiski with the farm animals


                       This is my mummy Pirkko and my daggy family


                          Hiski with his Daughter  Tilley



                           Hiski August 2014  




     Happy 3rd Birthday Hiski from all at Gallantstaff xxxx



                     Hiski is a daddy again to 2 beautiful girls



                            Hiski   October 2013



                  Hiski's photo's taken February 2013



                          Hiski is a Daddy again

                   7 beautiful babies   6 Boys and 1 girl


                             Hiski February 2013


                      Hiski with is family in Finland


             Hiski is a very handsome boy  December 2012



   Congratulations Hiski your a Daddy to a beautiful little Girl

          Hiski's Daughter growing up into a beautiful Girl







                             Hiski at 17 months

        having a rest after a hard day                Look what mum has put on us



                            Hiski at 15 months old


                                                         Birthday Candles Birthday Card

            Happy 1st Birthday Hiski Mummy and daddy have given you a lovely party


            Look at that lovely cake you are so spoilt Hiski is giving his Birthday speech


                                                     Hiski playing with his party friends




                                             Im showing my friends how I stand like my mum




                                                    The lovely Hiski ay 9 months old











                         Hiski with his half Brother Rolli they are both beautiful boys



               Hiski has a new friend                                     and here he is showing everything lol


                                           Hiski with his family Oh Hiski you are rude



                                               Hiski has grown to be a handsome boy


                                            Hiski's first day in the show with his family






                                                          Bye bye Crying Into Tissue

   Hiski has gone to his new home in Finland with his new mummy and Daddy Pirkko and Markku,

  Hiski is a very happy boy and we wish him all the very best,another pup thats going to be so spoilt

                    This is Paul and Hiski just leaving to go to Manchester Ariport to meet Mikko


    And this is Hiski at Finland Ariport he had a safe journey and all the Airline crew spoilt him so    much



And here's Hiski in his new home with his new Family Pirkko and Markku and their Stafford Family



                                                                     Hiski 2017/2018




                                  My mummmy is teaching me how to stand for the shows








                                         Im having a great time here with my new family





                                                        Oh Im so tired now Tired


                           Thank you to Terhi for taking these photo's for Pirkko and Markku

                                              Im having a real good time in my new home Hi-ya!





                               Teddy     Gallantstaff   Precious  Gem    Teddy






                                    Photos of Jules babies that have stayed living with her.

                                                     They are just beautiful






                                                     Jules pups 4 weeks old

                         They are just beautiful ,well done Jules



                  A big Congratulations to Jules, she has 5 beautiful babies





                                                         Happy 4th Birthday Jules



                       Happy 3rd Birthday Jules from us all at Gallantstaff

                                                      Photo's of Jules  May 2014




                               Thank you Joe for the photo's of Jules  March 2014                                   





                          Photo's of Jules taken April 2013

                       Jules is looking beautiful






                      Birthday Candles Birthday Card        Happy 1st Birthday Jules


                                                   Jules at 10 months old






                                                  This Jules at 4 months old


                          This is my chair                                               Bella you stay on your side


                                                        What are they doing over there


         Are we going out dad






                                                                   Bye bye        Crying Into Tissue

  Jules is now living in Southern Ireland with her new Daddy Joe and his other Stafford Bella

                             We wish Joe all the very best and we know Jules will be so spoilt

                                    This my daddy and  Bella she is bigger than me    Very Confused 


                                                                                              This is good fun daddy


Its been a long journey and im so tired        Tired                          Is this my chair daddy





                           Teddy     Gallantstaff  Majestic  Rose    Teddy







                                               Lucy watching the birds out side













                               Photo of Lucy from 2016







                                 Photo's 2015/16

    Lucy has been to the vets to get spayed, so mummy and daddy are spoiling her xx,


                              Lucy is a pretty girl xx



       I think all this litter loves licking peoples heads and cleaning ears out lol


                               September 2014

                        Lucy went to her first show and got a third ,

                                       Well done Lucy xxx


                  Happy 3rd Birthday Lucy,from us all at Gallantstaff

                                       Photo taken May 2014


                                 Lucy  January  2013


      I love cleaning my dads ear's                                              Beautiful Lucy



          Birthday Candles Birthday Card    Happy 1st Birthday Lucy 




                               Where's my mum going




                                Lucy with her friends




                           Lucy is almost 6 months old

                She is spoilt in her new home with Dermot and Jo, thank you x



                   I'm 4 months old now and Im getting a big Girl


                              These are my friends


                             I can be good some times


         Where's my Dad        People Watching            

 Oh Im only helping you daddy   No No No 



               This is my uncle with his family,I think his dogs like me


         Oh Daddy do we have to go to the vets for my needle.   Teary 


  Lucy stealing all daddy's apples     Too Funny    What can I get up to next ha ha   Ummm 


                        Look Im helping my daddy in the garden



     Am I going on holiday Daddy    Vacation 2                     I so tired Tired


     This is my new friend                                                  In Love



                                          Lucy with her new friend ,her Daddy does spoil her   Thank You 


                                                                        Bye bye  Crying Into Tissue 

Lucy is going to live with a lovely family  in Southern Ireland with her new Daddy Dermot,Mummy Joanne and Stephen.

        We know our little girl will be very spoilt in her new home and we wish you all the very best






                    Teddy     Gallantstaff Welsh and Proud    Teddy  


                         Mia will be staying with us at the Gallantstaff home 

                                  and she will be spoilt just like the rest our the gang


                 Mia has her own page now, so please take a look





                    Birthday Candles Birthday Card                Happy 1st Birthday sweetheart





                                                       Mia almost 5 months old












                                                                   My mummy loves me   Couples 


                                                             Im clever I can clim the stairs now



                                                               Oh mums going to kill me   No 


                     This is a good game                                              Im going to be strong like you Amber



         Im a big  girl now so I have my own place for my food               Let me play with you



                          Im cute dont you think      Wink                                         This is my bed


                                                                                         Mummy said Im not to chew it ha ha    Perturbed 



               Dont bite me Mia      No                                          Oh sorry mummy   Love You This Much Mummy






    Look what these little buggers have done ,pulled all the rubber beading off the door   Screamer 


                                                                  Pups 8 weeks old


                         Hiski                                                                           Hiski with his sister Ozzie



             Lucy and Jules                                       Mia


                            Hiski                           Jade and Ozzie


                                           Bouncing Hearts      Pups 7.weeks old  Bouncing Hearts






                                                                 Pups 6 weeks old













                                       A  few hours in the sun shine  5 weeks old




                                                                           The Girls

                    This is Jules                                                                                            This is Mia


                          This is Lucy                                                                This is Ozzie             


                                                                    The Boy Hiski


                                                           The pups first Scrambled Egg







                                             Beating Heart      Puppies 6 days old                Beating Heart





                                                                Look at my babies      Yowza 


                                                        My puppies are not ready yet mummy