Maisie and Murphy's pup's

                  Maisie and Murphy puppies


                  The Proud Parents   



               Gallantstaff Precious Gift




    Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff


   Maisie gave birth on the 2 nd of April 2012

  to 6 pups, 5 girls and 1 boy, unfortunatly  we 

          lost one girl and the only boy



     We would like to wish Grace,Holly,Holly and Millie

                        All the very best in their new homes

                The 4 Girls


        Happy 3rd Birthday to Murphy and Maisie pups xx

                  Happy 2nd Birthday      



    Happy 1st Birthday to Maisie and Murphy's pups



           Gallantstaff Lady in Red

                                                          Pet name Millie

                    Living in Ireland

                     HC/L2 clear PHPV Unaffected


                        Here is Millie off to her new home ���� 

with Simon and his Sister Mary is waiting at home patiently

         Thank you both for giving Millie a lovely home



                                                           Photos of Millie 2017/2018


                                                        Millie with her best friend Sophie




                                                         Millie is such a beautiful girl 










              Some photos of Millie taken November 2016/17

                                                          She is such a beautiful Girl x



                                    I think Millie has made her self very comfy lol




              Im  not going out side today its to cold


                  August 2014



                      July 2014

                                            Millie is such a beautiful Girl


                      March 2014

                                        Millie has matured into a beautiful Girl


                                                          Love that smile


                                                  Millie doing her Athletics



                                                                   Just love this smile



                                                   Sophie and best friend Millie


 This little girl is so spoilt, giving mummy Mary loads of kisses



    Millie loves the water                 Millie and Sophie



                  Look at those beautiful dark eyes


  Millie  is all most 12 months old and what a pretty girl she is.



             Millie all ready for Christmas

                              Happy Christmas Sweetheart



                   And Mummy Mary has made is for me




          And here is Millie with her Mummy Mary

                             Millie loves her Mummy so much


                  Millie 6 months old




                                Millie almost 5 months



                          Millie has found another friend


                                     Friends for ever

                                Two more photo's I just love



       Millie is growing up to be a beautiful girl,just love her xx

                                 12 weeks old


                               I JUST LOVE THIS PHOTO


            Millie is so spoilt and she's even got her own bed lol


       And here she is settled down in her new home in Ireland

                                             10 weeks old


                         I will change the channels



         Gallantstaff Cutting Edge


                     Pet name Grace

                   Living in the UK    

               L2/HC clear Unaffected


              Dave and Leanne Grace's new Mummy and Daddy

               Thank you both for giving Grace a lovely home

                                       Bye bye         Crying Into Tissue



                                                      Photos of Grace 2018 














                          Photos of Grace 2016/17



                           Grace having a cuddle

                                      September 2015



                            Grace  March 2015


                    Grace is growing into a beautiful Girl

                                             November 2014


                         Photo's taken June  2014



                                January 2013



                              September 2012

              Grace at the Athletics day were she came first

                                          well done Grace







                     Are we going to stand again Daddy




                   Grace with her mummy Leanne at a show



                     Grace at 5 months old  looking good


                        Lovely head shot of Grace







                        Grace at almost 4 months old


                         What a clever girl you are Grace






          Grace settled down in her new home 12 weeks old



         Grace in her new home 8 weeks old

                            Very pretty Girl x






                         Gallantstaff Holoko


                        Pet name Holly

                     Living in the UK


            L2/HC clear PHPV unaffected



             Karen,Steve  Holly's new Mummy and Daddy

.                      and  their children Louise and Harry

                  Thank you all for giving Holly a lovely  home

                                                             Bye bye  Crying Into Tissue 



        And Holly  meeting her Uncle Michael the famous footballer


                                 Photos from 2016/17

                                              Holly and Hamish are such good friends


     Well little Holly Hog is such a lazy girl if she isn't in bed she is by the fire lol


       Ha ha Holly is saying don't laugh at me , mummy put this wig on me lol


                       Holly being spoilt by Harry



          What a beautiful painting of Holly Hog and Hamish


                               February 2015

                            Holly Hog with her best friend Hamish


                  Holly Hog just loves being in her mummy's bed lol


                         And most of the time she is in it lol


              Holly Hog with her collar on, she has just been spayed

                               and her friend Hamish is keeping her company 


                        Holly Hog just loves her mums bed



                          Holly Hog August 2014


                             Photo's taken June 2014




                February 2013 we went to visit Holly

I took a few photo's but Holly wouldn't keep still long enough lol,

                  Holly has a lovely home and is spoilt so much,

                              all she wants to do is kiss you.




                            She loves playing tug


        Holly with her fury family                                             Holly playing with tug


                              That's a lovely smile


                            Harry and Holly playing


                                Lou and Holly playing



   Holly having hugs from Mummy Karen  and    Paul making a fuss with Holly



                     Holly Hog with Harry December 2012


                              Holly Hog at 5 months old





                Little Holly has settled in just fine at 8 weeks





           Gallantstaff Wicked Wench

                         Pet name Holly

                     Living in Ireland

              L2/HC clearPHPV unaffected



  Here is Holly off to her new home    Bye bye  Crying Into Tissue 

  with Colm and his Family,thank you for giving Holly a lovely home





                                                        Photo's of Holly 2017/18


                                          Holly with her Son Ben enjoying the snow 








                                                                Holly's son Ben






                                           Holly has give birth to two beautiful boys






                Holly in August 2015/16 

                                            Holly looks so happy with her family



               2015 photo's of Holly





                              Photo's of Holly August 2014




            Holly  in March 2013     11 months old









               Holly at 6 months old





                Holly @ 5 months    






                      Holly in her home home





            Maisie is such a good mummy


        Holly and Millie have stayed another week

               and what characters they are as you can see






               Pups 8 weeks old









        Pups at 6 weeks old and into everything







       Maisie and Murphy's pups 5 weeks old today


                       We are all in jail ha ha    Pouty 







            Gallantstaff Girls 3 weeks old

                 In Love                   In Love                



          Gallantstaff Girls at 13 days old