Maisie and Stan's pups 

                           Gallantstaff Precious Gift



              Blazinstaff Light my Fire










           Maisie had 3 beautiful pups they were born on the 19th November  2013 .


                                                          2 Girls and 1 Boy





                    Thank you to Andy, Louise and Sophie for giving Milo a lovely home 

                      Milo has gone to a lovely family and we wish him all the very best.


                                     Gallantstaff Blazing Comet

                                                 Pet name Milo





                                                        New photos of Milo 2017/18


                                                                    Beautiful Photo


















                                     New Photos of Milo November 2016

                                         I just love this photo 




                           The love between Sophie and Milo is just perfect




     Happy 3th Birthday Milo xx  love from us all at Gallantstaff  19th November 2016

    Happy 2nd Birthday Milo xx  love from us all at Gallantstaff  19th November 2015


                                  And here is Milo with his new coat on




                                   September 2015 Millo loves his new toy


                                                Milo  May 2015

                                  Milo is so much like his mummy Maisie



                                                February 2015

          I just love this photo of the very handsome Milo with his best friend  Sophie






                                       A big Happy 1st Birthday Milo



                        Paul went to see Milo and what a stunning boy he is

                                                        September 2014


                                             Milo September 2014

                                                Just beautiful  




   This is Milo June 2014 he is enjoying sun bathing he is such a handsome boy xx



                    Love this photo of Milo, he looks so much like his mum Maisie




                                    April 2014    Milo looking lovely


         Some new photo's thanks to Andy, of the Handsome Milo 4,5 months old

                            he looks just beautiful and just like his mummy





                           A few photo's  of the lovely Milo at 12 weeks old 

                                     I just love this photo of Milo xx





                                                                 I just don't like this collar and lead on


                                     I'm going for a walk with Sophie


      Look at that beautiful face                                 I love cuddles  off Sophie


    Milo being spoilt by his Daddy                                  Its been a hard day




                                                  Both Tired after a long day playing




      Milo settled in his new bed                        Just like his Sister love climbing the stairs





                            And here is Milo bless him with his new best friend Sophie




                               Gallantstaff Live the Dream

                                                    Pet name Ary


            Thank you to Marco and Lorena for giving Ary a lovely home in Spain.

                                             We wish you and Ary all the very best




                                                             Photos of Ary 2017/2018



                                                            Ary with her daddy Marco













                 The beautiful Ary had 8 pups 4 boys and 4 girls,Ary is a fantastic mummy







                                     Not long now Ary and you will be a mummy

















                                                 August 2015 

                                                  Ary with her daddy Marco




                                   Ary with her friend they think they are frogs lol


                                                   March 2015

         Ary is back home in Spain, oh we miss this little girl she is a real character




                                                  March 7th          

   Thank you to Marco ,Ary's Daddy for bringing Ary to the UK to see us, she is a little beauty and what a fantastic temperament she has, we just loved her and wanted to keep her here with us


    Trying out our dogs spring pole                        Are you coming Babs



                                              Ary  February 2015 



                                              A big Happy 1st Birthday Ary


                     Ary is growing into a beautiful Girl,photo's takes September 2014




                                     Ary  June 2014 looking so pretty        


                  Ary just loves running and has always got something in her mouth lol


                       And here's my little girl in her new home having a lovely time .

                                                        We will miss you little girl xx  



                   Ary having a great time running around the fields were she lives.




                                         Ary with her half brother Red


                                A few photo's of Ary before she goes to Spain


                                       I can get on the sofa myself now


     Ary is staying with us until March, then she goes to sunny Spain to live with Marco,

                                                               I do like it up here   


                  First time Ary had her collar and lead on and she didn't like  one bit lol


     Ary with Great Granddad Murphy                              Ary with Conk and her Great Grandma





           Ary with her Mum, Grandma                               Ary waiting for her treat with her family

                ,Great Grandma  and Conk



                    Thank you to Andy, Louise and Sophie for giving Milo a lovely home 

                      Milo has gone to a lovely family and we wish him all the very best.





                                                             Pups 8 weeks old 

      Ary and her Great Granddad                        Milo having a drink with his Grandma




                                                 Pups 7.5 old and getting naughty 

           The Gallantstaff gang and pup Ary                                      Conk with  Milo and Ary




                                                  Milo and Ary  7 weeks old    





                                                              Pups   5 weeks old                           






                                                             Pups at 4 weeks old   

                                              Angel became poorly the day after




                                                             Pups at 5 days old   






                       With a broken heart our one little Girl  I called Angel  became poorly at 4 weeks


  Little Angel hadn't been well for a couple of days,we had been back and  forth to the vets with our little Girl,

  She hadn't been able to keep anything down and she started having a rattling chest which we were frightened it would develop into Pneumonia  .

 We took Angel back  to the vets  and the vet Diagnosed  her illness as Megaoesophagus which normally leads

  to pneumonia in young ones.

 Basically the oesophagus expands with the food intake instead of going into the stomach the dog brings it back

 up, often inhaling some at the same time/

 Normally this is detected at the time of weaning.

 The vet advised us the best course of action to prevent further suffering was to put but our little Girl to Sleep 

                                                             Sleep tight little Angel         



                                                     Proud Maisie with her babies