at     GALLANTSTAFF

                                       (Sire Heatherdene  Top Celebrity ) (Dam  Gilfach Jessies Jewel )

                                                                   PET NAME,  MURPHY

                                            HEALTH TEST. L-2HGA CLEAR  KC/AHT HC-1 CLEAR

                                                               PHPV,HC UNAFFECTED.

                                                                      Current eye test

                                                       Eye tested February 2012...... Unaffected.

                                   KC. S.B.N.

                                           More photo's of Murphy on the link Gallantstaff  Gang                   


        Our Beloved boy Murphy passed away on 30th July 2015

     We miss our boy so very much, please take a look on his page Murphy at Rainbow bridge




                                             Murphy has been helping to paint  lol



                                  A big Happy 12th Birthday to our beautiful boy Murphy

                         We love you so much and hope you have many more happy years with us.




                                                                   August 2014

                                                      Murphy having fun in the pool



                                                  Murphy with his Granddaughter  Conk


                                                                       May 2014

                                 Murphy with his Daughter  Mira from Norway


                                                        And here he is the proud daddy



                            Happy Birthday to our beautiful Murphy

                            11 years old today 11/09/2013

                              We love you very much xxxxx




                                                               January 2013

                               Murphy loves rolling over in the snow


                                     Please give me a sweet daddy


                          Happy 10th Birthday Murphy,we love you so much.




                                        Mum has made me a cake




                      And here is my dad giving my family some of my cake,




                                      This is my first show at 11 months old  at Merseyside Club


                      Mum has also found some photo's of me when I was about 12 months old







                                                         The Handsome Murphy







                                                         Murphy in Crufts 2010

                                                              4th in Veteran Class




                                            Do I still look good mum yes Son.......... I Love You


Murphy will be 7 yrs old in Septmber so he is getting a little practise ready to go back into the show ring



                                               Murphy at Blackpool Champ Show











                                                       Bravo! Woohoo! Woohoo!   Murphy at Crufts 2nd in Limit.




                      We are so very proud of our boy 2 nd in Limit at crufts











                                                          September 13 th 2009


Hi everyone I'm 7 years old today,Mum and Dad took me for a pint ha ha and Mum took some photo's ,

                    I have a lovely Birthday card from all my family and Mum made me a cake.  

            I have had a lovely day  Thank You Mum ,Dad,daughter Jade ,Amber and Tara




                                                            Is that pint mine Dad     


                                                                         Oh wow thats good


                     Thank you Mum and Dad for the drink and a lovely Birthday  I Love You  Kisses 





Now I don't go to the shows at the moment I can just relax , but dad said he's taking me back in the shows when Im 7 and I will be in Veteran.