Good Night and god bless


                   Born September 13th 2002

                         passed away 30th July 2015


                 We loved you so much and are going to miss you, until

                        we meet again Murphy and we will be as one again.



       Another sad day at the Gallantstaff home today

 Our beautiful boy went to the rainbow bridge on 30th

 of July, it was a very very sad day for us,so many tears

that day and for weeks after, we will miss our boy so very much, we had some wonderful and Happy years with our boy Murphy, he has done us proud in the shows and out and produced some beautiful offspring's,

There isn't a day goes by without thinking about Murphy and all the funny things he used to get up too.

We love you so much until we meet again Murphy

                           Love Mum and Dad xxxxxxx



                          This for you Mum and Dad  xxxxx

                                I know that you can't see me,
                                but trust me I'm right here.
                               Although I'm up in heaven,
                               my love for you stays near.

                                So often I see you crying,
                               many times you call my name.
                               I want so much to lick your face
                               and ease some of your pain.

                               I wish that I could make you see
                               that Heaven indeed is real.
                               If you could see me run and play
                               how much better you would feel.

                               But our loving God has promised me
                               that when the time is right,
                               you'll step out of the darkness and
                               meet me in the light.


                              For you my beautiful boy Murphy

                              You no longer greet me,
                              As I walk through the door.
                              You're not there to make me smile,
                              To make me laugh anymore.
                               Life seems quiet without you,
                              You were far more than a pet.
                              You were a family member, a friend
                               . . . a loving soul I'll never forget.
                              It will take time to heal -
                              For the silence to go away.
                              I still listen for you,
                              And miss you every day.
                              You were such a great companion,
                              Constant, loyal and true.
                              My heart will always wear,
                              the pawprints left by you.
                                      Love Mum xxxxxx










                                               Murphy and Amber together again