Murphy's progeny

                    Gallant  Prince of   Henfaes  at Gallantstaff 

                                  ( Murphy ) 

                                  ( Progeny )





     Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff ( Murphy )


                 Gallantstaff  Precious Gift  ( Maisie )

                   Born on the 2nd April 2012

                          4 beautiful Girls








                      A Repeat Mating between




      Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff  ( Murphy )


      Tyrara's Trick and Treat ( Tyrara Kennels Sweden) 


                      Born on the 3rd December 2011

                    4 beautiful pups 3 girls and one boy



      Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff  ( Murphy )


    Tyrara's Trick and Treat  ( Tyrara Kennels Sweden)


                                   pet name BeBe


      On the 15th November 2010 BeBe gave birth to 4 beautiful pups

                                          2 Boys and 2 girls




     Many Congratulations to Murphy's Daughter DiDi

                     Tyrara's Lady Babs  CC and best Bitch

                                  Swedish new Champion               



         Many Congratulations to Murphy's Son  Nero

             Tyrara's   Prince of Wales CC and BOS





                Murphy's children at the show with their Mummy BeBe

                                  BeBe is the second from the right



                                       "    Show Results   "


  On August the 5th 2012 Tyrara Mr. Paul received his first CC ,many Congratulations

 And on the 6th August 2012 Tyrara Lady babs recieved her 4th CC many Congratulations

                               We are so proud  of this litter



    More great news for the Tyrara Kennels with BeBe and Murphy Pup Freya

     Many Congratulations to the owers of Freya,BOB and second Best in Show



                     Another good result for Murphy and BeBe's pups

                        Prince of Wales was best Male puppy and BOS

                                  and DiDi was 2 nd best Bitch 



                             Another good day for Murphy and BeBe pups 

    Mr Paul was best male puppy and BOB and Lady babs  was best Bitch puppy and BOS

           Tyrara�s Snowflakes Gallant Mr Paul and  Tyrara��s Snowflakes Lady Babs                          



                    Another great day for BeBe and Murphy's pups

          Freya got Best Bitch and BOB and Best in Show ,well done Freya   Woohoo!  #1 Trophy 

                                        This was Freya's first show



               DiDi ,has been to 2 shows and got BOB in both,well done DiDi  Woohoo!  #1 Trophy 



                     Beating     BeBe and Murphy's puppies 4 weeks old   Beating   


                 Beating      BeBe and Murphy's puppies  one week old       Beating       






           Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff


                      Noisette Daffodil Yellow

                       (Slade Czech Kennel )




          Mira,the Dauhter of Murphy gave birth to 5 beautiful pups

                    3 girls and 2 boys, well done Mira xx



    Mira's getting a big girl now and what a lovely colour she is




Mira Still doing very well in the Shows with her daddy Vegard.


                      We are so proud of Murphy puppies Mira and Chevy born in the Czech Republic.

                      And now living in Norway with Mette and Ann.

                      Mira and Chevy attended their first show at 4 months old on the 30th May.



                                                               Gallant Princess Slade Czech

                                                                     Judge Mrs Mary Coble


                                  (4 months to day, Mira's first show, and the youngest of them all).
                       Nice size puppy, good dark eye's and head coming nicely. Well boned, moved ok. 

                       2 pl./Very Good + 5 best in puppy + 5 BIS puppy(best in show puppy 4-9 months

Gallant Princess Slade Czech "Mira"  Woohoo! #1 Trophy


                                                                        Golden Rain Slad Czech

                                                                        Judge Mr. Harry Coble


                    Nice puppy for 4 months, exc front, dark eye, good ear, level topline, very promising puppy.
                                Move losely, should improve with age.

                                   1 Best male in class
                                    4 Bhk

Golden Rain  Slad Czech " Chevy "     Woohoo!  #1 Trophy 


           Beating   Puppies born   30th January 2009    Beating      



            Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff  


               Ternhill White Lightning at Pritsim



             Puppies  born   23rd November 2006    






                Gallant Prince of Henfaes at Gallantstaff  


                 Benlui  Celtic Queen at Gallantstaff




              Puppies  born   11th October 2006