Maisie and Taff's pups



                                   Gallantstaff Celtic Sword   



                                    Gallantstaff Precious Gift 



                Maisie                                                    Taff

                        Maisie gave birth to 2 beautiful boys 

                                        17 th August 2016  


                     Boris                 Leo         

               We gave this present to Mel and Sophie it is the pups family tree


                                         Gallantstaff Hercules



             Boris in his new home with his family ,Mel, Martin, Rosie and Megan.

                                           we wish you all a happy life together.

                                                            Have a great life Boris


                                                            Photo's of Boris 2017/18







                                                      Boris is loved so much by Megan




                                                                Boris watching TV










                                                              Boris loving the snow  









                                                               The handsome Boris 






                                                               Photos of Boris in 2017









                                              Boris on holiday with his family















                                                         Photos December 2016

                                                       Both fast asleep bless them


                                             Boris eyeing up the Christmas tree                


                                            Who is being a spoilt boy by Megan




                                    looks like Boris wants to play with the hamster                      


            Well Boris has got his own way  and he's made it to the bedroom ha ha


                               Also has managed to get on the new sofa as well lol


              Boris with his poppy  remembering all the men that lost their lives



   Boris stayed with us for another two weeks because his new family were on holiday,

  it was a real pleasure to keep Boris here he was such a good boy .

                        A few photos of Boris with the Gallantstaff gang.

                                              Here's Boris waiting  for his dinner



                                Boris is just like his daddy Taff waiting for his treats


                                           I think Boris wants a piggy back on Mo Mo  lol


                                                 Boris with his grandma Conk






                                       Gallantstaff Red Dragon





                                       Leo in his new home with Sophie  

                                             we wish you both a very happy life together   

                                                             have a great life Leo





                                                                     Leo's photos 2018










                                                           Leo's photos for 2017




                                                             Leo loves the snow






                                       My Mummy Sophie loves me sooo much




          I dont think Leo  looks impressed  look at that face, he's on the way to see Celia on

           the train.




             This is my Christmas present from my daddy Taff, it didnt last long though lol 





                                                                     Leo's new toy










                      My mummy Spohie say's oh Leo you have got a mouth like a shark lol










   My mummy Maisie and my daddy Taff goes to canine athletics so my human mummy Sophie and Celia took me to see if I liked it and I did and can't wait to go again in 2018












                                             I'm a handsome boy don't you all think




         Haven't I got a big mouth lol                                Cup of tea time



                                   Leo is just like his mum Maisie he loves the ball









                                                       I'm enjoying the sun today



                                                                I'm just cooling down




        This is my friend he comes to play with me some times but he's a lot bigger than me




                            I love my friends the cows they come to see me everyday




                                                            I'm in the pub with mummy











                                                                  Butter wouldn't melt  lol



                                                          Leo showing off his new coat





                                      December photos 2016

                     leo eyeing up the what the chickens are doing




                             Leo is growing so fast  and so handsome


                            This is my mummy's chair but I can sit on it


                                Leo went to a puppy party at the vets


                         Leo has made it up to mummy's bed as well


                                        Leo loves his fluffy dog



                                My daddy Taff came to visit me today


               I have a lovely bed                                                        and look at my new coat




                                             Boys 6 / 7 weeks old 

                                                         Can we come in please


                                     They do love each other really



                                             Don't you bit me Leo 






                                  Maisie playing with her two boys


                                             Boys at 5 weeks old

  The boys with their Grandma Conk                      and with their great Grandma Jade




                                                   feeding time




                                                       Leo and Boris 3.5 weeks old











                            Maisie with her two boys Boris and Leo