Here are the Gallantstaff Gang 


       Murphy   Amber  Tara  Jade  Maisie Mia/Conk  Taff

                     R.I.P            R.I.P


              Summer time at the Gallantstaff  home 2018






                         Dads coming



                       May 2018 fun in the pool










   Jade and Mo Mo our two oldies , Jade 11yrs and MoMo 12yrs playing in the snow











                           November 2016


  Fun time in the field  and Mum has brought the camera with her

    Maisie Taff and Conk, Jade and Mo Mo go for their walk later because they are getting old now






                              July 2016

                And its the big pool time yeaaaaa

                       Im getting good at this swimming now but its

                             hard work so I need a rest






                         May 2016

       We received a visit from Kelly and her lovely family and as you can see

                                                  the dogs had a great time


                         May 2016

                    Come on Mum fill the little pool



         Conk and her son Taff just loves playing on the  spring pull



  And Tara is saying I will sit and watch, I like the big pool but mum said its not warm enough for that yet



                         March 2016


                       January 2016

                    Conk with son Taff and Maisie


                       Conk with Mummy Jade , Conk's son Taff and Jade's  Daughter Maisie



                  Christmas at  Gallantstaff




                       November 2015

                    Conk, Maisie,Taff and Jade


                  Its pool time at the Gallantstaff  home summer 2015

                      Maisie ,Conk and Jade ready steady goooooooooooo




                                   Taff wanting the ball


                   A few photo of the Gallantstaff  Family May 2015

                                                The oldies

              Murphy 13 yrs,Tara 10 yrs this year and Jade age 9 this year.

                                         Throw the ball dad


       From left to right, Conker mother of the two boys Jade Grandma and

              Great Grandad Murphy


                               Our Gallantstaff Family April 2015


                             The Girls Conk , Maisie and Jade


               A few photo's of the Gallantstaff Family taken April 2015







                            Our old boy Murphy enjoying the sun




                   Jade and her daughter Maisie having fun in the field

                                                                        April 2015




   Thank you so much Karen Owen smith  Holly Hogs Mummy for the  beautiful tree decorations, we love them,a lovely thought xxxx


 Heidi came over for a visit from Finland at Christmas and the dogs were so pleased to see her again, lots of kisses


             The Gallantstaff Gang dressing up at Christmas



           Christmas presents for the dogs ,I have put the video on our video link


          Conk and Maisie at the Cotswold Athletics watching the Lure.


                        August 2914

              Love this photo  of Tara, Murphy and little Conk



                 Gallantstaff in the pool June 2014




                   Mums bought us a new collar



                        March 2014


                        January 2014

                                                       from right to left

   Conk the Daughter of Jade,then Jade,Amber the Mother of Jade,Maisie the daughter  of Jade and Ary the puppy at the back is the daughter

    of Maisie


                               All waiting for their treat before bed



                    Christmas at Gallantstaff

                        Their Christmas dinner




                        Photo's August 2013     

                                                                   From Right to left


  Murphy,and Amber Sire and  Dam of Jade and Maisie and Conk is the Daughter  of Jade




                                                     The Gallantstaff having fun 





                            Gallantstaff having fun in the pool     

                                                        August 2013               




                          Mum this pool is to small


                               Mums Coming







                                Let us out Mum

                              June 3rd 2013






                                 March 2013

                         Dogs having fun in the snow





                   All waiting for their treat before bed time


                         Having a rest after their walk



                             January 2013




                                                        Paul with the gang


                     Maisie                                   Conk





                              December 2012

                              Christmas Morning



                             September 2012

                       3 Generations of the Gallantstaff


                           Jade ,Mia and Amber

                 Jade mother to Mia and Amber Mother to Jade



                      The Gallantstaff Family July 2012



                     Off for a walk with Mum and Dad



                        Maisie ,Jade ,Amber and Mia



               Jade with her two Daughter's Mia and Maisie



                       The girls having fun with the ball






                          Pool time at Gallantstaff


          As you can see Maisie's not to sure about being in the pool



           The Gallantstaff Gang waiting for their treat before bed time





                    Amber,Tara,Mia ,Maisie and Jade 2012





                          Who wants a sweet then





                                 November  2011












                             October 2011

                                                  From left to right is

                  Jade 5 yrs old,Tara 6 years old,Maisie 3 yrs old next January,

                     Conk almost 5 months old ,Amber 7 yrs old and Murphy 9 yrs old






                               Jade and Maisie 




                          Conk with Grandad Murphy





                        Dads giving his orders again    Shut Up 





                                                    Jade,Tara Amber and Maisie                         




                                Tara, Maisie,Murphy,Amber and Jade on the end




                       Look what has got in our pool    Shocked   Frog 3 




                   Get the frog Amber it's jumping away from me    Frog 3








                             Maisie ,Amber and Jade





                                                     Can't get the ball off me   Rolly 1 





                           Murphy's   saying your not having this ball   it's mine   .   Rocking Happy                            








     Its been hot today so Murphy decided he wanted to get in the shade  Sweaty 





                                                          Gallantstaff in 2009


                                                         Jade trying to be tall ha ha                             






                                                  We just love going in the field  Thumbs Up  Clappy 


                We are all playing ball with our mum and dad its great fun    Lacrosse                                                                     Football 1




                                                                   Football 1        























                                                     Mum ,Dad and Daughter                      Circle Of Hearts





                                           Lets get the ball before Murphy    Running  Running  Running  Running 




                                        Im going to get the ball before Murphy   Yes! 



                                     Kicking DirtDuhDamn Damn Bring it back Murphy      Whistle       



                                                  Just look at the state of him                  No


                                            He looks soooo pleased with him self       Shy Whistler     



                   After our fun, Amber and Jade go and have a dip.    White Water Rafting    Smile 





Well we are all off for our daily walk with our dad, mum just come's in the fields with us and then we go off with dad around the lanes.

                  There is a pool in the field so we have some fun


























                                               Wait for Mum Jade   Come On  Mum




                    Right off we go around the field Dad giving his orders ,

                                 Murphy saying ....    He'd Talk The Ears Off A Moose. 



                                                        Is That a frog I can see   Frog



                                             Jade I'm the boss so I have to go first 





                                      Am I lost   I Lost You were have they all gone        Thinking




                                             Come OnTara we are over here





                                                           Wait for me Mum    Thumbs Up





                      Look Dad they are big dogs  Embarrassed 2   Too Funnythey are cows Jade    Mad Cow





                                Shocked  Shocked Look he is having a wee wee



           We are waiting for Dad to come from the pub  Beer 3 Beer Drinker hope he's not   late

                                                          Mum will go mad  No No No





                                          Come On     Mum hurry up and take the picture






  This is our Mum we love her so very much  I Love You Flowersthank you Mum for everything you do for us

                                                               from us all       Hugs And Kisses    Kisses







                           BubblesBubbles               This is a good game                        Bubbles   Bubbles        









                                                 Tara smell these nice flowers   Flowers     Flowers





             The Gallantstaff Gang with one of Murphy's son's Buster   Hi                                                                           



                                              You can tell there is food about   Steak 



                                   Amber and her Daughter Jade playing on the tugger



                        Murphy playing with the boomer ball Oh he does get his hair off   Very Angry




                                           Why can't I get my teeth into this ball   Grrr






                      I have just had a new bay window and Murphy just loves it    




Swimmer    Murphy , lets take these jackets off ,we can swim better without these on.





Paul's a big fan of Liverpool Football Club and he thinks the dogs should be to  Way To Go so Steven Gerrard was kind enough to send us a signed picture.


                                                               As you can see  Raise The Roof